Our model: simple and trustful

How ImpactfulGift works

As you explore the possibilities of transforming gift-giving into acts of kindness, we want to offer you a transparent look at how ImpactfulGift operates. On this page, we're peeling back the layers to reveal the mechanics of our platform. Our goal is not just to facilitate charitable giving but to do so in a manner that's trustworthy, transparent, and rooted in integrity. Let's dive into the details of how ImpactfulGift functions 'under the hood', ensuring that every gift you send or receive is part of a greater mission for good.

Making Charity Accessible

ImpactfulGift is a platform designed to make the process of sending and receiving gifts as charitable donations effortless for everyone. Our mission is to streamline the way people and companies contribute to charitable causes, transforming traditional gifting into a vehicle for positive change.

Tracking and Attributing Impact

We're more than just a platform; we're a catalyst for charitable impact. Every donation made through ImpactfulGift is tracked and attributed to its initiator, ensuring that both individuals and companies receive recognition for their generosity and influence.

A Compliant and Trustworthy Framework

At the core of ImpactfulGift is a registered, US-based non-profit organization. This means every contribution made via our platform is as tax-deductible as donations made to any other US-based non-profit, providing our users with both trust and compliance.

Transparent and Ethical Fund Distribution

We are committed to transparency in fund distribution. Aside from a minimal processing fee of 3% above the standard Stripe commission (for payments made through Stripe), all collected funds are transferred monthly to non-profits chosen by our users.

Vetted Non-Profit Partnerships

New non-profits suggested by our users undergo a thorough approval process. Once approved, they become beneficiaries of the donations. This ensures that every contribution made through ImpactfulGift supports legitimate and impactful causes.

Real-Time Impact Visualization:

Our platform is designed to showcase the collective impact of donations. We gather data to attribute each donation back to the person or company that inspired it, allowing all users to see the real-time impact of their charitable actions. This unique feature emphasizes the far-reaching effects of every donation, inspiring ongoing generosity.