Corporate Gifting

Switch from material gifts to charitable donations.

Simplify your Gifts and Make it Count

Save time and do good. It is a win-win for everyone.

The Challenge with Material Gifts

Material gifts for business involve time-consuming organization and logistics, and they are usually non-essential or unwanted.

Our Solution

Opt for charitable donations as gifts for your company’s partners and friends. We make it super easy and time-efficient, providing a simple yet meaningful alternative to traditional gifting.

Shift from the routine of traditional gift sourcing and distribution to a seamless, impactful approach. Choose charitable contributions over conventional gifts, saving resources and reinforcing your commitment to making a real difference.

Simplify Your Gifting

Easily switch from traditional gifts to charitable giving, eliminating the hassle of gift selection and logistics.

Make an Impact

Showcase your commitment to social responsibility and align your brand with the right values.

Enrich Company Values

Emphasize your dedication to social good, creating a positive influence on your team’s perception.

Tailored Solutions for Teams Like Yours

A full set of powerful tools making charitable gifting easy as it should be.

One Payment, Unlimited Impact
Automatically send multiple gift cards with just one donation. Reach as many recipients as you need, without displaying individual gift amounts. Or choose to use physical gift cards with a QR code to represent the donation.
Bulk Infividual Gifting
Send multiple gifts at once, each showing its donation value to recipients. With just one bulk payment, it's simple to convey the impact and value of every gift transparently.
Recipients Involvement in Giving
Add more value to your gifts by allowing recipients to pick the charity. This inclusive method involves them directly in the donation, making each gift more personal.
QR Codes for Event Giving
Enrich your offline events with QR codes as a way to make you a gift. Allow guests to easily support your chosen causes by scanning and donating. It’s a straightforward, engaging way to include generosity in your gatherings.

Simplify Corporate Gifting with Charitable Donations

  • Effortlessly send gifts to all your partners with just a few clicks.
  • Make one convenient payment for the entire gift list.
  • Simply provide us with a list of your recipients.
  • We'll send out gift cards to everyone at the same time. Each recipient can then respond to your thoughtful gesture.
  • Our platform streamlines the gifting process, making it easy for you to maintain strong business relationships while also doing good.
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Create a Corporate Fundraiser for Meaningful Celebrations

For your company's special occasions and events, set up a fundraiser page with us. Instead of traditional gifts, your partners and colleagues can donate to a charity of your choice through this page. It's a simple way to make celebrations more meaningful. Plus, we provide QR codes for your events, so guests can easily donate right on the spot using their phones. This adds a convenient and modern twist to giving, turning your corporate gatherings into moments of giving back.

Create your Fundraiser

Foster an Internal Culture of Charitable Gifting

Enhance corporate birthdays with our unique fundraising pages, tailored for each employee. Colleagues can contribute to a chosen cause as their gift, fostering a culture of giving within the company. This approach is especially ideal for remote teams, where traditional celebrations aren’t always possible, making birthdays more meaningful and connected, even from a distance.

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